Racing Weight Cookbook Lean Light Recipes for Athletes“Designed for athletes conscious of balancing good food with good performance. The book is divided into three sections based on ability level — in the kitchen, not on the bike.” —

Racing Weight Cookbook makes it simple to dial in the right mix of carbs, fat, and protein that will satisfy your appetite with high-quality, well-balanced meals.” — Swimming World

“Matt Fitzgerald’s new cookbook, created in concert with registered dietitian and pro nutrition coach Georgie Fear, is the ideal complement to the [Racing Weight] Series.” — Experience Life magazine

Racing Weight Cookbook offers a lot of variety, is well-illustrated, and easy to follow. And most importantly, the dishes taste great.” — Canadian Running magazine

“What better way to reach your goal than with delicious meals designed for weight loss? Racing Weight Cookbook delivers 100 recipes targeted for athletes looking to manage their weight.” — Women’s Running magazine

Racing Weight Cookbook offers readers an understanding of the solid nutritional principles that an athlete should use in making daily dietary decisions…plus dishes up a whole toolbox of helpful hints, cooking tips and practical kitchen advice…Stir thoroughly and you’ve got a book that will likely be used frequently and kept close at hand in the kitchen by many readers for years to come.” —

Racing Weight Cookbook is third in a series of guides by Matt Fitzgerald to help the endurance athlete lose your winter flab and get to be the lean, mean, cycling machine you imagine yourself to be. The cookbook includes 100 delicious-looking recipes, many of which can be prepared in under 15 minutes so you can hit the road.” —

“Those of you who count post ride beers rather than counting calories, look away now (we don’t blame you). For the rest of you that are trying to “get down to racing weight,” certified sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald and registered dietician Georgie Fear have a new cookbook to help you get there.” —

“Best Cookbook for Athletes. [The Racing Weight Series] focuses on incorporating high-quality foods based on an easy-to-understand point system designed to help athletes become lean and strong and healthy…Racing Weight Cookbook is…WAY more than just a cookbook…” — Fit Bottomed Eats

Racing Weight Cookbook is aimed at endurance athletes, giving you the tools and knowledge to improve your diet, to fuel performance for training and racing…The recipes are amazing and the pictures make the recipes look appetising…Honestly, I have been bowled over by every recipe I’ve tried.” — Cycling Shorts